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It is with a great deal of reservation that I pen my first post. This subject has inundated the airwaves for weeks. The media has propagated this story by using anything as fodder, to fuel interest in something that most fans of America’s favorite pastime, wish would simply go away.

The reason why I share my thoughts on this subject is to see if others perceive what I read today in the same light as I did.

Roger Clemens, a baseball icon has been shamed! And because his reputation has been tarnished in the eyes of the populace, he should not have to face the indignity of being investigated by the Justice Department, to determine if in fact the statements that were made before Congress was anything less than credible.

Barry Bonds has not been given that option. Marion Jones was not given that option. The pundits undoubtedly will raise their voices in uproar, how could I make such an outlandish statement. Surely each case is judged on its own merits, will be their point of contention.

The sad truth of the matter is not whether any of these individuals lied or not. What is most disturbing, in a nation where athletes are idolized, a multitude of young minds might be deceived about the dangers of performance enhancing drugs, simply because their hero . . . and got away with it.

Bradley Booth/Freelance Commercial Writer/Author



Written by BBooth

March 6, 2008 at 2:18 pm

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