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A Mother’s Dilemma . . .

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   It’s 2.55 a.m. and Sandy, a mother of three, makes her way to the kitchen for something to drink.  She curses silently to herself. If only she wouldn’t have been so lazy to turn on the humidifier. She opens the refrigerator and stares at her choices: milk or juice. She quickly grabs a tall glass, pushes on the ice dispenser, and fills it with water.

“If only Bob wasn’t working the graveyard shift,” Sandy mutters to herself. “Until the end of the month, we’re going to be alone. This is the price we pay—for being homeowners.”

When Sandy reaches the top of the stairs, she notices that the television is still on in the twin’s room. She opens the door to her son’s room first. Although it is only lit from the nightlight, Sandy can see the silhouette of the raggedy teddy bear, her son clings to.

She opens the adjoining door that leads to the twin’s room. Her son needs a teddy bear to put him to sleep, and the twins the television. Sandy quietly touches each child head in turn.

Sandy starts to turn off the television, when the picture of sleeping children catches her attention. She turns up the volume slightly.

Three o’clock in the morning the announcer says.

“How could he know that I’m up at this time of the night?” Sandy chuckles. “Well my kids are peacefully asleep . . .. Why should I care—who is answering a phone?”

But soon the answer dawns on Sandy. Bob spoke to her about it before. She never cared for politics.

Sandy turns off the television and heads for her room.

The thought still plagues her. If an emergency threatens her family, who is the person—she wants picking up that phone?

Bradley Booth/Freelance Commercial Writer/Author



Written by BBooth

April 17, 2008 at 7:16 pm

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