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            The Republican Party is beside itself with bliss over the disparaging state of affairs that has assailed the democratic presidential nomination process.

The constituents and the concerns of how to right this ship—embroiled in anarchy, innuendos, and racial rhetoric . . . are no longer the cornerstone of the democratic party.

What seems to be of significant importance . . . how to smear and discredit our political adversary, so that our candidacy can be seen in a better light?

The verbiage that the Democratic Party uses—if it weren’t for the economic turmoil, the loss of American soldiers, and how the United States is viewed around the world, would be almost comical. Some members have intimated that this petulant and derisive struggle to elect a democratic presidential nominee only serves to strengthen the party.

Worse, is the political fodder propagated by the media:

Their coverage of Jeremiah A. Wright Jr.’s sermons . . . tends to lend credibility to the conjecture, that the congregation was reduced to the level of pigs, which he led on a ring, attached to a chain, embedded in their snouts.

If the predilection of the superdelegates and the constituents they serve—prohibits them from voting for a candidate because of the hue of their skin or their gender . . . they should stop this farce and cast their votes now.

Otherwise, no need for an election—hand the White House’s keys . . . to John McCain now.

What’s eight more years?

Bradley Booth/Freelance Commercial Writer/Author


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  1. Wright is Obama’s fault. No one else’s.

    Ben K

    May 2, 2008 at 3:43 pm

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