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While A Mother Weeps . . . A Perpetrator Lurks In The Darkness.

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The life of Katherin Shuffield has been irrevocably changed forever.

She pleaded for someone to help her.

Katherin laid helpless in a pool of blood . . . shot in the abdomen by a mask bandit, while he robbed the Huntington Bank Branch located on 2030 N. Post Road, in Indianapolis.

The thought that consumed her wasn’t about herself, but the safety of her babies.

Katherin at the time of the shooting was five months pregnant.

Her assailant, if caught—won’t be tried for murder.

Under Indiana Law, the fetus has to be seven months old. So as Katherin weeps for the lost of her twins, lawmakers debate what charges should be brought against the suspect, who remains at large.

As prayers and sentiments from well-wishers cascade upon Katherin and her husband Jason . . . a disturbing thought comes to mind.

Throughout out this ordeal, there has been no mention of the perpetrator lurking in the shadows.

The entity that has decided to remain quiet . . .

Offering no words of comfort to the Shuffields, why after three robberies . . . in a span of a year——nothing has been done.

In this case their silence speaks volumes . . .

A bank is where one goes to ensure the safety of their hard earned money. It’s taken for granted that the bank will make certain to safeguard the capital you’ve entrusted them with.

In the case of the Huntington Branch Bank ——one has to think long and hard, if they want to deposit their money with a bank . . .

Who put a woman and her unborn children . . . in harm’s way.

Bradley Booth/Freelance Commercial Writer/Author



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