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Roger Clemens apologized . . .

No one seems to know what for.

What was clear however, the mistakes that he was apologizing for . . . had nothing to do with his professional life as a baseball player.

If this is in fact true——why burden the public with it?

Amidst the improprieties on the field, with alleged use of steroids and HGH, come new revelations of adulterous affairs.

Roger Clemens has no one to blame but himself for his fall from grace. His defamation lawsuit against Brian McNamee is what opened this Pandora’s Box.

Rather than rehash a worn out story, let’s look at this from a different perspective. Baseball fans are divided on whether Roger Clemens is innocence or guilty of allegedly using steroids and HGH. As well they should be . . . nothing has been proven.

If Clemens wants to apologize to his family for personal mistakes, so be it. But baseball fans who have idolized him——should take a page from his book and apologize to their families as well.

If you admired Roger Clemens for his ability on the baseball field, spoke to your child about emulating his work ethics and stopped right there . . . you should be commended.

But for others——blind admiration for Clemens, led him to take their rightful place, as a role model in their children’s lives . . . a burden that should never be placed on any athlete.

The demands of playing requires a baseball player to be away from home more times than not. If they cannot be home to be a role model to their own children . . .

What makes them capable of being one for yours?

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