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What One Does Speaks So Loudly . . .?

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After the results of the Indiana primary, three minutes into her victory speech . . . Hillary Clinton appealed to her supporters that she needed an infusion of money to continue:

“I need your help to continue our journey. This has always been your campaign, and this is your victory because your support has meant the difference between winning and losing.”

What was most perplexing about Senator Clinton’s comments——her use of the words our journey. In a time when most Americans are struggling with the state of the economy, Mrs. Clinton has loaned her campaign $11.4 million.

Perhaps it was at the request of her supporters.

A campaign funded by contributions from the populace has always been a good barometer for candidates to gauge, not only their level of support, but also their constituents desire to see them continue.

What does the following say about Hillary Clinton’s campaign: she contributed $5 million in February, $5 million April 11, $1 million May 1st and $425,000 on May 5th.

Seems as if the needs of one . . . far outweigh the needs of many.

No longer is the rhetoric to see a democrat in the White House——unless of course, it’s Mrs. Clinton. The derisive overtones, incendiary remarks, and questions of electability . . . all covertly done with one purpose——to cast a disparaging light on her political adversary to secure the nomination for herself.

Is this our journey that she was alluding to?

A house divided will never stand——neither will a campaign that is built on deceit.

One doesn’t have to look too far, to figure out why the money to support Senator Clinton’s campaign has been waning. The issue has never been one of electability—— but more of integrity.

Exit polls have shown . . . There’s growing sentiment that Hillary Clinton can’t be trusted. Contrary to the public’s perception of her exhuming skeletons from the closet of her political rival . . . Mrs. Clinton seems willing to provide opponents with a glimpse into her own as well:

· Her insistence of support for weapons inspections, not war in Iraq. Although her speeches advocated action against Saddam Hussein … and she voted to authorize the use of force.

· She agreed that Michigan and Florida primaries result shouldn’t be counted because they violated party rules … but has done a complete turnaround to help her campaign.

· She claimed that her opponent wavers on his stance of NAFTA … but failed to acknowledge that she was in favor of it.

· Hillary Clinton asserted that she help to broker peace in Northern Ireland . . . but no one can recall her in a negotiator role. Surely the empty park in Belfast, which was supposed to be filled with the laughter of catholic and protestant children, can attest to that fact.

· The pregnant woman who lost her baby and subsequently her life because of a lack of medical coverage….Mrs. Clinton had to recant the story because it was told to her and she never corroborated the facts.

· Senator Clinton claims that she and daughter faced danger on their trip to Bosnia . . . but later clarified that she misspoke about the incident.

The question in Hillary Clinton’s television ad should never have been . . . who do you want answering the phone at 3 a.m. But once it’s picked up, who do you trust . . . to make the right decision?

“What one does, indeed, speaks so loudly . . . that no matter what one says——cannot be heard.”

Bradley Booth/Freelance Commercial Writer/Author


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