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Happy Mother’s Day . . .

We had some friends visit us today in celebration of Mother’s Day. My usual, well ordered household was being overrun with the inexhaustible energy of young children. To return the house to some semblance of sanity, I suggested that they watch a movie.

They chose one of our family’s favorite . . . Mary Poppins.

I’ve seen this movie an incalculable number of times. But on this particular day . . . chosen to honor women, who through their tireless efforts brought children into the world or for others, who adopted them——it was as if I was watching the movie for the very first time.

Glynis Johns . . . in the role of Mrs. Banks (dauntless crusader for women votes) was singing “Sister Suffragette” and it started me thinking . . .

What if . . .?

Hillary Clinton would have understood her role in shaping history?

She could have identified with the young college educated women of this generation——women . . . who would not allow themselves to be shackled with the rhetoric of yesteryear?

She would have ran her campaign to embrace the diversity of a nation . . . rather than covertly trying to prey on its fears and prejudices?

She would have understood that America was primed and ready to accept a “Woman” as President . . . but through her questionable statements and actions . . . has cast a disparaging cloud on whether women can be an influential voting bloc that turns elections?

Never has there been such a grandeur stage . . . for a woman to achieve immortality——all of it now——slipping from grasp . . . because of a question of character.

“The circumstances by which you live, determine your reputation . . . but the truth you believe . . . determines your character.”

As the Mother’s Day celebration winds down in my household . . . . I can still hear Glynis Johns singing “Sister Suffragette.”

 I’m left to ponder, how different things could have been for Hillary Clinton, had she simply asked . . .

What if . . .?

Bradley Booth/Freelance Commercial Writer/Author



Written by BBooth

May 11, 2008 at 9:46 am

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