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A Mother’s Lament . . .

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As the ground, shook beneath her . . . Wang Xiaoni rushed back to her apartment. Her safety didn’t matter at the moment. On her mind was the well-being of her baby and mother.

Wang Xiaoni worst nightmare gripped her as she saw the apartment building in rubbles. Trapped underneath it all—her 56-year-old mother, as well as her 5-month-old son.

She cried out to anyone who would listen . . . but it seemed as if her voice echoed into empty space. Perhaps, others did hear her pleas for help, but numbed from the earthquake, which accounted for the loss of 15,000 lives in DUJIANGYAN, China so far, were powerless to act.

Finally, help comes . . . a truck full of soldiers. As they cordoned off the area and try to extricate the ones buried in the rubble—Wang Xiaoni, 26 . . . silently prays. She hopes against all odds that her baby and mother are fine.

What seems like endless hours slowly pass—no one has been brought out alive.

She clings to a sliver of hope . . . 

Bradley Booth/Freelance Commercial Writer/Author



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