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The Democratic National Committee rendered its decision to seat all of the delegates from Florida and Michigan but give them half a vote each. As soon as the committee’s decision was made public . . . Hillary Rodham Clinton’s true colors became apparent.

This subject has been broached before,, but now due to diminishing options, the concealed political agenda of fanning the flames of discord can clearly be seen.

Harold Ickes, one of Mrs. Clinton’s chief advisers and a member of the rules committee stated, “Mrs. Clinton has instructed me to reserve her rights to take this to the credentials committee.”

He further intimated that the fight may not be over, and that it could go all the way to the convention in Denver. Mr. Ickes also claimed the outcome for Michigan was a hijacking of voters’ intent because it assigned delegates to Senator Obama even though his name was not on the ballot.

Why was Senator Clinton’s name still on Michigan’s ballot?

Why did she change her mind to abide by the party decision to penalize the two states by disallowing their delegates?

Mrs. Clinton chief objective has always been . . . if she couldn’t secure the nomination, she would discredit the winner even if it meant putting a Republican back in the White House. Her political aspirations have blinded her to the fact that the Democratic Party has been reduced to a petulant, derisive and unruly mob.

Has Senator Clinton’s incendiary remarks and divisive tactics left scars too deep to heal among Democratic Partisans?

Can the party be unified in time to keep John McCain out of the White House?

Hopefully in 2012, the Democratic Party would have learned from this and its leaders will not allow things to degenerate as it did in this campaign.

As for Hillary Rodham Clinton, only time will tell if the rancor she instigated . . . will have her once again . . . on the outside looking in.  

Bradley Booth/Freelance Commercial Writer/Author



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