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It has always been far easier to judge someone’s character when watching them accept defeat rather than in a moment of victory.

Hillary Clinton’s decision, to not make a decision . . . is in fact the rendering of one.

In an act that can only be characterized as defiant, Senator Clinton’s conciliatory speech, which was supposed to bring an end to the tumultuous and caustic democratic presidential nomination campaign, was actually filled with the same political rhetoric of why she would be a better choice to go against Senator McCain.

In what would appear to be an attempt to position herself as Barack Obama’s running mate, Hillary Clinton asked her constituents to e-mail her, on what they think her next course of action should be. In an effort to keep the spotlight on what was once a promising campaign, before it imploded by its use of incendiary remarks and divisive tactics, Mrs. Clinton decided not to render a decision, although the events that followed would leave one to surmise that one had already been made.

On CNN the following morning, BET founder Robert Johnson stated he sent a letter to James Clyburn of the Congressional Black Caucus, in which he implored CBC members for their help. Johnson claims that his missive was not a pressure letter, but instead was trying to “urge” and encourage CBC members that an Obama and Clinton partnership would be the dream ticket that would ensure that a Democrat wins the White House.

When repeatedly questioned by CNN, if Hillary Clinton wanted to be Obama’s running mate, he declined to comment. Mr. Johnson’s evasion of not answering the commentator’s pointed question became so comical that it prompted CNN host John Roberts and his co-host to start laughing. Mr. Johnson further asserted that Senator Clinton was well aware of his efforts and that she had spoken to him about it.

Lanny Davis, an aide in the Clinton White House, presumably acting on his volition, said he was circulating a petition asking Mr. Obama to pick Mrs. Clinton as his running mate.

For a woman, who claimed not to know what she should do, it’s amazing how all these events unfolded soon after the realization that her bid for the nomination was lost.

In what can only be described as bitter irony . . . Hillary Rodham Clinton was correct in her assertion that there would be no decision that night.

Why would there be—when one had already been made?

Bradley Booth/Freelance Commercial Writer/Author



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  1. Clinton tried blackmail for the VP slot.
    Now she is continuing so watch out.
    These are bad people desperate for power.
    Those who planned on putting her in the WH have much to lose.


    June 6, 2008 at 1:31 am

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