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They stood together . . . each holding a picture of their child. It was as if they were trying to build a human wall to express the overwhelming anguish they felt for each child that had perished.

The pictures of smiling faces contrasted against the faces etched in sorrow for children they would never see again.

They had walked through the rubble of fallen school buildings trying to make sense of what had happened. A woman, unable to get to her feet, still clutching the picture of her son, lamented how he had said goodbye to her in the morning and ended up a corpse that night.

All of the children had been eager to go to school. A safe haven their parents thought. Now they stood 100 strong, defiant, in their demands that the government provide them with answers of why school buildings collapsed on May 12 when an earthquake irrevocably changed their lives.

As each sifted through the rubble, hoping to find something of their child, they questioned how the surrounding buildings suffered little or no damage while schools were destroyed.

China is eager to suppress the fact that shoddy school construction made walls collapsed, resulting in the death of over 10,000 children. Government officials in Sichuan, hoping to avert protests have tried to silence parents by offering monetary restitution to compensate for their loss.

As 100 parents stood in DUJIANGYAN, China—mourning the deaths of thousands of children during the earthquake and demanding answers . . . their government responded by surrounding them with police officers in order to stifle their protest.

As the Chinese government tries to quell the defiant unrest of its citizen in the aftermath of the earthquake through censorship and intimation, the grieving parents are becoming a potent symbol of people victimized by corruption, to the rest of the world.

Children are the foundation on which new generations are built. Schools are supposed to be a safe haven where they are taught ideas to make the world better.

Perhaps the Chinese government believes in this ideology as well, but their handling of this catastrophe as viewed by the rest of the world: children are placed in shoddy constructed buildings, and when their parents protest—if they cannot be bought, they are intimated and dragged away by police, clutching the picture of their dead child . . .

Bradley Booth/Freelance Commercial Writer/Author



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  1. Random guy here. I can’t stand China’s approach to anything to be perfectly honest. They do their fare share of disgusting things in my opinion, but things like the generally blackouts when they f–k up is just pathetic. They need to start facing all their problems before they get crushed by them. They always have some kind of barbaric or nonchalant answer & never real answers. I suppose they are true politicians.


    June 5, 2008 at 9:37 pm

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