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No Longer Twisting In The Wind . . .

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As I alluded to in a-house-built-on-cards the NY Mets’ implosion has begun. Following the monumental collapse of last year and the team’s lethargic effort this year—Willie Randolph is no longer twisting in the wind.

Along with Randolph, pitching coach Rick Peterson, and first base coach Tom Nieto were also sent packing.

It would appear now that Omar Minaya, the general manager of the Mets, given the enormity of this latest overhaul, is apprehensive about losing his job as well. Minaya should be, since he’s the chief architect of a team saddled with veterans, who spend more time on the disabled list than they do on the playing field.

Randolph shouldn’t be the sole bearer for all that has gone wrong with the Mets this season, but his coaching performance doesn’t exempt him either, since Tony Larussa with a make-shift lineup and thrown-together rotation has his team in second place at the time of this writing.

What Randolph is totally at fault for—is not inspiring his team—to give 100% every time they don their uniforms and take the field. He exudes no passion and the team’s lackluster performance exemplifies it.

For some reason, Randolph believes that to carry one’s self with dignity and grace prevents an individual from showing emotion. Tiger Woods has a quiet demeanor, but that doesn’t stop him from showing his emotions in the heat of the moment.

Will Randolph find another team to be the skipper of?

I would hope not . . . unless he changes his present disposition.

New Yorkers are passionate about the team they root for . . . and to have a manager less fervent than them, especially after last year’s epic collapse—was a recipe for disaster.

Omar Minaya with all his baseball acumen should have known this. He should have fired Randolph after last year’s colossal collapse. To do it now, while the team enjoyed their modest two-game winning streak, depicts the Mets as an organization severely lacking in class.

Minaya could have even fired Randolph a week ago, after the Mets were swept by the Padres, but instead he chose to hem and hawed through the media’s barrage of questions concerning Willie’s future.

At 2 p.m. today, PDT, Omar Minaya will introduce Jerry Manuel as the interim skipper.

Hopefully, the quiet and confident Manuel will get the players to play harder for him than they did for Willie.

If not . . . the team with the highest payroll in the National league, at $138 million will be doing this again come the end of season.

And given their history . . . the Mets only consistency other than their inconsistent play is to keep the personnel that they neither want nor need . . . twisting in the wind.

In Minaya’s case . . . hopefully it won’t be as long for him . . . as it was for Randolph.

Bradley Booth/Freelance Commercial Writer/Author


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