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Finally . . . A Sense of Closure

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Three men who were close friends went hiking in the backcountry outside of Crystal Mountain in Seattle Washington.

On Dec 3, a search party went to look for them, after the three failed to return. Although the three had carried a rescue beacon with them, no signal was detected by the searchers.

Due to avalanches, whiteout and flood conditions, rescue efforts had to be aborted a week after the search for the three men began.

But friends of the three would not be deterred so easily. They continued to search for the three Seattle-area snowboarders. On Saturday, 7 months after the three men disappeared, enough snow had melted away and they spotted a tent in the snow.

The three men were found in the tent, and officials theorized that they were killed by an avalanche.

The three missing men were Kevin Carter, 26, Delvin Williams, 29, and Phillip Hollins, 41.

Friends said that all three were experienced snowboarders and hikers familiar with the difficult terrain. But heavy, wet snow caused over a dozen avalanches in the area last year, and the three had become part of the deadly statistics.

 The 2007-2008 winter season, the worst by far, had the highest number of avalanche deaths (36) on record in U.S.

The mother of one of the three men, Sally Hollins is grateful for the sense of closure.

“The only thing that’s kept me going,” she said, “is I know that’s where my son wanted to be.

“If he had to die,” she added, “he would much rather be left up there.

“If you have die in a hurry,” she concluded, “that’s probably the way to go. It certainly leaves a hell of a hole here, I’ll tell you.”

But at least Ms. Hollins will sleep a little easier tonight. She now knows her son died in the backcountry with his friends, doing what they loved.

Phillip would not have wanted it any other way. And because her son’s friends were determined to find all three men and provide a sense of closure . . .  neither would she.

“Acquaintances pass with the seasons . . . but true friendship endures forever.”

Bradley Booth/Freelance Commercial Writer/Author


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