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Joker Overshadows Dark Knight . . .

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Heath Ledger’s manic depiction of the Clown Prince of Crime once again upstages the actor playing opposite him in the role of Batman.

Not since Jack Nicholson’s performance as “The Joker” has an actor taken the role to new heights.

Ledger’s transformation into the depraved and sadistic character of the Joker has fans and critics hailing his performance and the level he took it—to be far superior to that of Nicholson’s, and worthy of Oscar consideration.

Ledger’s portrayal was mesmerizing for the mere fact that has you watched the film, there was an inescapable feeling . . . Heath believed that he was the Joker, and the buzz from fans and critics, it would appear that they came away with the same impression as well.

Every scene was unique and it appeared as if Ledger was trying to surpass his performance from the last one.

The make-up on his face which resembled chalk left out in the rain . . . cast a ghastly and demented shadow that seemed to emanate from a hidden side that Ledger knew only too well.

Good versus Evil . . . are they really on both sides of the same coin?

Through Ledger’s performance, the dark side that lies dormant in most of us comes to life. One gets the feeling that Heath is no longer acting, but living out his inner turmoil out on the screen for the world to see.

Sadly the light that once burned so brightly—ceases to flicker with Ledger’s untimely death from an overdose of prescription drugs.

“You complete me,” the Joker disquietly tells Batman.

As far as The Dark Knight is concern . . . Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker is what made this movie complete.

Bradley Booth/Freelance Commercial Writer/Author



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