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D + A = Murder . . .

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It’s the age old story . . . boy meets girl. Boy marries girl.

Boy meets another girl, but instead of doing the honorable thing and telling his wife that she no longer appeals to him or letting the girl know he’s married, the boy decides to have his cake and eat it too.

Deception . . .

If the girl doesn’t ask . . . why bother to mention that he’s married. If she does, whatever lie that puts the girl’s mind at ease will suffice.

Adultery . . .

Swept off her feet by outpouring words of affection, adoration, and endearment . . . the unsuspecting girl falls in love and the boy plunges into an adulterous affair.

The first two hurdles crossed . . . what ensues is a diabolical plot for murder!

Married Sgt. Edgar Patino started his relationship with Spc. Megan Lynn Touma when both were stationed in Germany. The affair blossomed to the point that they were engaged and she became pregnant.

Patino was transferred to Fort Bragg in December 2007, and Touma followed six months later. They met at the Fairfield Inn, which is near the North Carolina base a day after she arrived. Her decomposed body was discovered in the motel’s bathtub four days later by a maintenance supervisor, who smelled a foul stench coming from a room with a “Do Not Disturb Sign.”

Patino admitted to police that he was the indeed the father of Touma’s unborn child and had been in her room on the night of June 13. The key card used to unlock Touma’s room showed no other entry other than the evening of June 13.

Unpremeditated Murder . . .  

Since Patino has not offered any account to the events leading up to Touma’s death, a conclusion must be formed from what is known so far that he killed her in a fit of anger.

One of the main concern for an adulterer is to ensure that no evidence exist that can be used to traced back to him, but in the case of Sgt. Patino that theory does not hold true.

Had Patino spun the web of deception so complete that he became ensnared as well?

According to Breana Cooper, who befriended Touma while they were stationed in Germany, she had had a conversation about Megan’s fiancée.

“She mentioned him,” Cooper acknowledged in a telephone interview. “That he was from Fort Bragg and that’s where she was going.”

Hypothesis . . .

1. Patino thought he was rid of Touma when he transferred to Fort Bragg.

2. Back home with his wife, he realized that Touma’s presence would ruin his family and military career.

3. He decides to meet her at a motel near the base.

4. Touma backs him into a corner when she divulges her plans for staying with him.

5. Patino finally tells her the truth.

6. Scorned . . . Touma threatens to expose him.

7. In a fit of rage—Patino kills her.

Verification . . .  

1. After the murder Patino buys a typewriter. (Purchase was easily traced.)

2. Patino sends a note to the Fayetteville Observer and the police claiming to be the Zodiac serial killer. (Modus Operandi differs from actual Zodiac killer.)

3. Patino admits to being in Touma’s room on June 13. (Key card provides evidence that there was no other entry.)

Deception + Adultery = Murder. This sinful formula continues to be played out. With each new participant hoodwinked into believing that he is smarter than those who have fell victim to its overwhelming power before.

In affairs of the heart . . . perhaps songwriter Aaron Neville summed it up best.

At some point in our lives, at one time or another . . . “Everybody plays the fool sometimes, there is no exception to the rule.”

In this case . . . Patino’s art of deception and lust to commit adultery—led him to murder Spc. Megan Lynn Touma and her unborn child.

Bradley Booth/Freelance Commercial Writer/Author



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