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This Stench Simply Won’t Go Away . . .

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Some things are inevitable and no matter how hard one tries to change them, the results are still the same.

Such is the fate of the lethargic and comical organization that deems itself a baseball team, the New York Mets.

Why they still refer to themselves as New Yorkers is as inexplicable as their epic collapses of the past two years. This slothful and uninspired ragtag bunch is a far cry from the passionate native New Yorker who would rather die than endure the humiliation of defeat.

Omar Minaya made it clear that the reason Willie Randolph was fired was to steer the Mets from another monumental collapse and the man he placed at the helm, Jerry Manuel would be the person to do it.

For all of Jerry’s affability and eloquence in talking with the media, he failed miserably in doing what he was hired to do, which was to ensure that the NY Mets were playing serious October baseball.

Perhaps it’s a fitting end that the year ended the way it did. Who would argue that Jerry didn’t have his hand in undermining Willie Randolph’s tenure as coach? The entire organization reeks of ineptitude, disloyalty, nepotism and the proclivity to reward individuals for subpar performance.

Why else would Omar Minaya, the chief architect of the past two years disasters and Jerry Manuel who clearly didn’t ignite any of his players to play with passion towards the end of the season be given new contracts?

The answer is simple . . . it speaks volumes of the kind of individuals and teams that the Wilpons believe should be in the front office and on the field to represent New Yorkers.

Sadly, it won’t be until fans are disgusted with the listless product on the field, refuse to stomach yet another disastrous collapse and show their contempt by spending their hard earned money on some other form of entertainment . . . will the stench that pervades the air around the Mets go away.

Bradley Booth/Freelance Commercial Writer/Author



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