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The ability to be objective and see things for what they are can be very difficult at times if one’s only source of information is relegated to listening to the media.

But in the case of John McCain and Sarah Palin, the media’s depiction of the pair resonates with so much clarity that only unabated loyalty or self imposed ignorance could blind the populace from the truth.

Let me elucidate this point further:

Sarah Palin: The Governor of Alaska made the statement that she reads numerable periodicals to stay informed on the events that affects the world today. But when questioned by Katie Couric to name the newspapers she’s read, Palin was evasive and refused to answer the question.

Palin had yet another opportunity to silence her critics and show that she is indeed fit to be Vice President, but her refusal to answer the moderator’s questions during the Vice Presidential debate only corroborated what even her own party won’t admit in public: McCain made a horrible mistake in picking her to be his running mate.

McCain’s only recourse to prevent further embarrassment from his error in judgment is to limit the media’s access to Governor Palin.

The maxim holds true: There is no fool like an old fool.

And in the case of John McCain picking Sarah Palin. It took one to know one.

Bradley Booth/Freelance Commercial Writer/Author



Written by BBooth

October 13, 2008 at 10:44 pm

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