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Don’t Feed This To Your Kids . . .

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485 people fell ill and six others have died due to salmonella tainted peanut butter that originated from a plant located in Blakely, Georgia.

The plant does sell directly to the public, but ships peanut butter in (5) to 1700 pounds containers that food companies use in a variety of products. Worse, is the fact that these containers are used by schools, nursing homes, hospitals and child care centers. The aforementioned list contains two groups that are more susceptible, to the effects from eating foods contaminated with salmonella, children and the elderly.

As of Sunday there have 101 products recalled and the list continues to grow. Popular brands enjoyed by children are on the list, such as: Little Debbie, Keebler, Famous Amos, General Mills, Kroger and Club Foods.

Parents should not take this latest salmonella outbreak lightly or confuse it with the earlier recall by Peter Pan and ConAgra foods. Peanut butter has such a far reaching effect that parents must really stop and consider all the products that contained peanut butter or peanut paste.

Consider for a moment, how contaminated salmonella peanut butter, shipped from one plant in Blakely, Georgia has such a profound effect that it threatens the health of anyone who has eaten a product manufactured with its ingredients.

The list of products that uses peanut butter is innumerable, but I’ll just touch on a few: cereal, cookies, cakes, crackers, candies and ice cream.

Each and every product that touches your children or love ones should be checked before it reaches their lips. Don’t be misled in thinking that because you threw out a jar of peanut butter that the threat ended there. You would be surprised at how many items contain some form of peanut butter or peanut paste even though you couldn’t tell by how the product’s named.

To take the seriousness of this latest salmonella outbreak a step further . . . parents should be very leery of vending machines. Salmonella can live in peanut butter paste snacks sold from these machines for months.

The list of states affected by this latest recalled has reached 43. The remaining seven states free from reporting any salmonella incidents attributed to this recall are: Alaska, Delaware, Florida, Louisiana, Montana, New Mexico, and South Carolina.

According to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) King Nut peanut butter has tested positive for the strain of Salmonella associated with the nationwide outbreak. The FDA also notified the Peanut Corporation of America (PCA) that product samples taken from the plant in Blakely, Georgia have been tested and found positive for Salmonella.

Of all the dangers, which surround children on a daily basis, that parents diligently, try to protect them from, who would have ever thought that now . . . peanut butter would have to be added to the list?

Bradley Booth/Freelance Commercial Writer/Author



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