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Jayna Murray is dead.

Brittany Norwood, Murray’s coworker at the Lululemon Athletica store in Bethesda, MD has been sentenced to life in prison, without parole, for bludgeoning her to death.

Although the preponderance of evidence in the savage and gruesome beating Norwood inflicted on Murray is overwhelming, there are three other individuals, who share a modicum of culpability in the 30-year-old woman’s death.

Three managerial blunders, if none had been made, perhaps Murray would be alive today.

Prosecutors intimated that this horrific crime was the result of Murray being asked by her manager, Rachel Oertli, to check Norwood’s personal bag.

Why a manager would have an associate confront another on the suspicion of theft is hard to fathom, especially when the two of them are the only ones in the building?

Worse, how could Apple Store Manager, Ricardo Rios, who testified that he heard panting noises at the wall that connects the two stores, did not call police or alert security guards to investigate, borders on sheer ineptness.

Medical examiners stated that the vicious assault Murray suffered at the hands of Norwood lasted about 16 minutes.

Jana Svrzo, another manager of the Apple Store, testified that she and two other employees heard screams, and someone yelling, “God help me. Please help me.”

Forensic experts testified that Murray was savagely beaten in a myriad of positions. They further stated that out of the 332 wounds she suffered, 105 of them were of a defensive nature, meaning that she put up a futile attempt to flee her attacker.

So obvious was the action of any sane person upon hearing the pleas of mercy uttered by Murray, that neither the prosecutor nor defense attorney asked the Apple Managers why they did not summon police.

Apple declined to comment on this tragic event.

Perhaps it is best that they do not. Any statement the company could make would just add injury to insult, and give credence that both of their managers, by their inaction, cannot be counted on to do the right thing.

9 minutes of Murray screaming, yelping, pleading for Norwood to stop, did not move Apple’s employees to do anything that would have saved her life.

One simple phone call is all it would have taken . . .

Lululemon is far from reproach through all of this. A former employee claims that Norwood should have been fired for theft at one of their Georgetown location, but due to her good salesmanship was sent to the company store in Bethesda.

Three months after the brutal slaying, Lululemon reopened the now infamous store with a stained pane glass etched with the word, love, but as I looked upon it, I couldn’t help but think . . . it was paid for by Jayna T. Murray’s blood.

Bradley Booth/Freelance Commercial Writer/Author


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  1. It was a truly shocking murder. Thanks for writing about it.


    February 5, 2012 at 7:22 pm

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