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Human Error . . .

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Whenever and wherever a tragic accident has occurred, more often than not when the investigation is concluded, the underlying cause is on account of human error.

This simple yet confusing premise is at the heart of so many unnecessary, regrettable, and grievous mishaps.

By all accounts Dianna Hanson was very knowledgeable about exotic big cats, and yet she was all alone cleaning out an enclosure pen, when a 4-year-old African lion named, Cous Cous, killed her.

Her father, Paul, characterized his daughter as a “fearless” lover of big cats.

Was it this fearlessness that led to her death?

Hanson was a two-month intern at Cat Haven in Dunlap, California. She began working at the wild cats sanctuary in January, and hoped and dreamed this would be a stepping-stone to her ultimate goal of working in a big California zoo.

What is inexplicable is why would she have been in the enclosure alone?

A coworker claimed to have been speaking with her moments before the fatal attack. Their communication abruptly ended and when contact with her could not be reestablished, the coworker decided to see what had happened.

By the time the employee arrived, Cous Cous had already mauled the 24-year-old intern.

Cous Cous was shot and killed when attempts to lure the 500-pound lion away from Hanson were unsuccessful.

The coroner at the conclusion of his autopsy determined that Hanson died from a fractured neck. His supposition is that the animal may have blindsided the young intern and swiped her neck with its paw, killing her instantly.

What were the real circumstances that led to her death?

While the authorities investigate what caused this unfortunate and tragic event, there are still puzzling questions that may never be truly answered:

  1. Was the lock to the gate faulty or was it inadvertently left partially unlocked.
  2. What was Cat Haven’s founder Dale Anderson’s great rush to reopen the sanctuary? Hanson died on March 6, and yet the park reopened on Sunday March 10.
  3. Was it proper protocol for a young intern, only two months on the job, to be in a lion enclosure by herself?
  4. Did Hanson’s coworker distract her when they communicated via walkie-talkie? Although other reports claimed she was talking on her cell phone.
  5. What is the outcome of the necropsy on Cous Cous?
  6. Has Cat Haven taken the necessary steps to ensure the safety of the public and its employees as well?

This disastrous incident when looked upon in its simplest form is one of human error . . .  Someone just got too close to a lion.


Bradley Booth/Freelance Commercial Writer/Author

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