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Have You Seen Her?

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Toni Enclade cannot bring herself to think that her daughter is dead.

Although almost three weeks have passed since Terrilynn Monette disappeared in New Orleans, her despondent mother still clings to hope that somehow her daughter is still alive.

The 26-year-old elementary teacher was last seen leaving a parking lot near the Lakeview neighborhood bar, Parlay’s, where she had been celebrating her nomination for teacher of the year with a group of friends.

If the accounts of what happened on that ill-fated night are true, then Monette should have never been allowed to get behind the wheel.

Monette allegedly was so inebriated that the bartender felt compelled to cut off her alcohol consumption. Furthermore she told friends that she was going to sleep in her car because she knew she was too intoxicated to drive home.

This is where I am completely baffled.

If I am in the company of friends, and I see that one of them has drunk themselves into stupor, would it not be incumbent on me to make sure they get home safely?

Yet in the case of Monette, no one offered. Not the bartender, who clearly could have called her a cab, and not her friends, who readily accepted the fact that she would try to sleep it off in her car.

This act of concern for Monette’s well-being would have surely made the outcome of that night on March 2nd entirely different.  What their inactions have caused is a mother’s mournful plea that someone would come forth with any information that could shed a modicum of light on her daughter’s whereabouts.

Although the investigation is still ongoing, as each day passes, the prospect of finding the Long Beach, California native grows dim.

Equusearch, the rescue organization headquartered in Dickinson Texas, have suspended their efforts after an intensive and exhaustive search of the bayous failed to produce Monette or the 2012 black Honda Accord she was driving.

Enclade does not believe the accounts of what happened that night. She claims her daughter would never sleep in her car. She steadfastly believes that her daughter was abducted, although surveillance cameras show her driving out of the parking lot alone.

“Where is my daughter,” she cries. “Where is her car?”

Police have questioned a man last seen talking to Monette in the parking lot, but for now he is not a suspect.

What has happened to Monette? Have you seen her?

Terrilynn Monette

If so please reach out to the New Orleans Police Dept at  (504) 821-2222 or to Texas EquuSearch at (281) 309-9500.

Whatever information you have, no matter how inconsequential it may seem, may help solve the mystery of this beloved teacher’s disappearance.

Bradley Booth/Freelance Commercial Writer/Author


2 Responses

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  1. Hello Bradley Booth. I am a psychic and I saw in my dreams on several occasions a woman in distress. On March 6, 2013, I awaken from a dream about a woman with long curly hair, she looked Latin or Spanish descent. She was bleeding profusely from the upper center of forehead and standing between isles of a dark alley. I saw her staggering with a lot of blood as if she was shot or beaten upon her head. The carpet was white had blood on it, and then I saw this woman bent over and staggering. I awaken from nightmare. That same evening I notices on the news about Terrilyn Monette, and I began crying, that’s the girl, for i saw a photo of her hair look curly. Well, another dream came to me and this dream came to me one day before the police reports mention they had a surveillance camera showing she did in fact drive herself from Parlay Bar and they had given the video of her turns and streets. However, my dream I had on March 17, St Patricks Day revealed something that frightened me. That same bridge she turn on. Its the same bridge I dream about on March 17. In the dream, a woman look as if she was walking with me on this sidewalk near a bridge. She and I was walking and we were talking but not talking verbally, but I could read her mind. She told me that a woman was behind us and I look behind me and I saw that bridge shown on TV where she turn. I believe that was either Harrison Avenue and Marconi area. I then heard high heels walking and clanking as if someone was walking very fast behind us. But as I turn around I see this bridge crossing with greyish railings the type you see go up to let boats cross and then it goes down. There was in my mind water, but I did not see the water. What I saw was a woman with hair as Terrilyn -strait long hair standing an looking in the distance. She was thinking very hard about something. She was angry, she was stone faced and thinking about something. As this was taking place, me as a witness in the dream, is what most psychics experience is being there, but witnessing the dream. I heard a woman voice telling this woman looking in the distance I love you. I am thinking it was Terrilyn she was talking to, or it could be anybody, but that bridge on TV, look as the bridge in my dream the same spot I saw in dream. The woman did not reply to this I love you quest. And in the dream I was looking at her from my left, she was as if looking out toward the beach, as if she was watching the sunrise at dawn. Look unhappy about something, maybe lonely and unappreciated something like that. I saw a clock that said 6:10 am in the morning, and I saw apts. with lettering on them, it read North – white color and it look to be townhouses or some ancient looking townhouse- Spanish columns or luxury looking type of homes. And I kept hearing this high heels of a woman walking fast. Suddenly I saw Palm Drive on a sign and it is when I began to wake up from the dream, but as I tried to stay awake, I saw the woman I that was looking out in the distance, turning grey and then she became a pillar of salt as if she changed to a rock stone but greyish. I don’t know if this dream mean anything, but I dream it a few days before the authorities aired the surveillance footage on the news. And I have been scared to tell anyone about the dream because I am in Florida and don’t want anyone to think I am a nutcase. But I have this psychic dreams since a child. I once dream had a car accident and my windows crashed, and 5 years later that dream came true, I nearly was killed on turnpike on August 7, 2005. I am a student studying PhD program and I hold a Masters degree in psychology, It is why I studied psychology for all my life I dream things that come true and wanted to understand the mind and brain, mental processes and reasoning of a person’s cognition to help them heal from mental illnesses. I want her mother Ms. Toni to know about this dream and to search for this places around anywhere streets Palm Drive and look for a clock in the area near there it was a clock big clock that had time on it 6:10 am, she was somewhere thinking and a woman voice was there talking to another woman near a bridge saying I love you. My point is that a lesbian woman was trying to encourage another woman into that life, and she was angry, stone face, looking in the distance, ignoring her and I witnessing it as if I was there, talking with her as well, but still yet, this woman was looking into the distance as if thinking about suicide or thinking about life and it’s problems…and again I hear these high heels walking fast, look behind me for a woman I thought in the dream, but it was a bridge same as seen on surveillance, Key elements in dream: Palm Drive, North apartments white color, luxury, and a woman complexities of her skin changed to greyish whitish and she became a stone like sculpture. . I am sorry to say this, please don’t say to her mother, but she is gone. I am praying for myself to be wrong, but all the time I dream things and I don’t call it in, and it is on the news the next week or few weeks later. This time I am reporting to you for I want them to search some more near that bridge, she could be held hostage in someone’s apartments as a sex slave, she could be underwater had some car problems began running in heels . If she is alive, it would be a miracle. God blessings to her and to family members, & to her mother Toni Enclade, I Pray she is found,

    Velma Blann

    March 30, 2013 at 3:16 am

    • She would not have had car problems.and I refused to believe she is gone.

      toni tenclade

      April 11, 2013 at 10:47 pm

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