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The Hypocrisy of the Holiday Season . . .

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The merriment of the season is upon us. Everywhere one can see evidence of the populace scurrying about in their pursuit to enjoy the holidays.

I contend that most of what we do in preparation for these festive occasions is based on tradition rather than an inner desire to promote goodwill towards our fellow man.

What I witnessed today, while waiting in line at my local BJ’s only strengthens and validates my belief.

There were three people ahead of me when I entered the line to check out. As I waited, the first person in line was beckoning to someone behind me to bring the paper towels.

Her daughter, perhaps a bit apprehensive or having the foresight to know that trouble might ensue if she skipped the line, made no attempt to come forward although her mother demanded that she do so. This caused her mother to step away from the cashier, go to the back of the line, and snatched the paper towels from her.

What followed only served to illustrate the hypocrisy of the holiday season.

The gentlemen ahead of me, who by the way was very fortuitous to have been accompanied by his wife, became enraged that the woman was holding up the line.

He shouted at the cashier for allowing the woman to make another purchase. He then taunted and mocked the woman as she rifled through her bag for the paper towels coupons.

What made the whole scene hypocritical; the man was purchasing poinsettias and a Christmas wreath. Two items if he had known their history, and what purpose they served, should have curtailed him from making derisive comments to not only the aforementioned customer, but to the cashier as well.

He placed his items on the belt, and shoved the cart at the cashier. Fortunately for him, his wife intercepted it. He chastised the cashier as he paid, oblivious that his wife saved him from possibly being incarcerated for assault.

The cashier and I laughed about the incident. She said if the cart had hit her. She would have dropped to floor and pressed charges against the customer.

Poinsettias and Christmas wreaths are popular decorations that adorned offices, churches, and homes. They have become symbols along with the Nativity, of peace on earth and goodwill to one another during this most festive occasion.

For the gentleman I just described, it appears that these items were purchased as a part of a holiday ritual, and the true nature of what each represented was irrelevant, just as long as the benevolent façade was upheld.

The cashier however signified the true essence of the season. In spite of what she had gone through, she still wished my wife and me, and the preceding surly customer . . . happy holidays.

Bradley Booth/Freelance Commercial Writer/Author



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